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Port any number to Copycall for $6...Use our Basic Plan Number Parking $6/mo or WhatsApp - Basic Plan Voicemail $9/mo - Basic Plan Call-forwarding $11/mo...
Number porting can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days. Keep your number active with your current provider and don't notify them that you are porting. Wait until the number is active on Copycall. Failure to do so may cause the port to fail and you may lose the number. Wrong, missing, or fraudulent information may also cause the port to fail or to be delayed.

Letter of Agency

The authorized person (field number 9), appoints Copycall as the agent for the porting and service of the telephone number (field number 1), from the current provider to Copycall's network carrier. This agency shall remain in effect until Copycall's network carrier is notified by the authorized person or Copycall of its cancellation. Send all billing, customer service records and correspondence for this telephone number to Copycall:

The * denotes a required field.

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