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WhatsApp Setup Info

1. To enable your Copycall number on WhatsApp: On your mobile device, go to and scroll down to the right-hand box labeled WhatsApp Business App (not the WhatsApp Business Platform). You will need to click on the Download Business App button, download it and install it on your mobile phone. You can also download the App at Google Play and Apple.

2. After the download and install on your mobile, you will activate the Copycall number with WhatsApp. The app screen will ask for country / code and 10 digit number. Enter the Copycall number on that form and WhatsApp will try to send an SMS text to you to verify the Copycall number. Unfortunately, WhatsApp can not send an SMS to a VoIP number. However, they will send a voice call with the 6 digit signup code to the Copycall number that we call-forward to your mobile number. You will have to wait 60 seconds for the WhatsApp option to call you at the Copycall number that will forward to your mobile number, as we have included call-forwarding in this service. When you receive the WhatsApp call with the 6 digit signup code, punch those numbers in and follow the rest of the instructions from WhatsApp and you will be finished.

3. It takes about 20 to 40 minutes for us to activate the call-forwarding in our network. Be patient - you will not spoil the WhatsApp sign-up with the unsuccessful SMS or waiting to get the forwarded voice call from WhatsApp. Once your Copycall number is active on the WhatsApp Business App, they have features for you to look over. If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us and open a help ticket.