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Copycall provides stand-alone local or virtual US & Canada phone numbers that can route to our voicemail service or be call-forwarded to your existing number. You can also port your mobile, landline or VoIP number to us. To start, pick a number below, pick a service, pay and it will be active within minutes.

$9/mo Voicemail Number

  • Flat rate - no extras or contracts
  • 3 minute greeting & message
  • Free email message notification
  • $2/mo Phone message delivery
  • $1/mo SMS to email or phone
  • Greeting only option available
  • Unlimited normal use
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$11/mo Call-forward Number

  • Flat rate - no extras or contracts
  • Local number presence
  • Calls routed to your number
  • Originating party caller-id
  • $1/mo SMS to email or phone
  • US & Canada numbers
  • Unlimited normal use
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$6 Flat - Number Porting

  • One-time - no extras
  • Mobile, landline or VoIP number
  • Residential or business number
  • Fill-out easy form
  • Upload current provider bill
  • Porting date takes 3-4 days
  • Number can port-out in future
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US & Canada

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Copycall Support and Sales

Copycall has over 30 years of telecom experience. Please contact us if you have any questions and the best way is with a help ticket: Open a Help Ticket
Copycall, P.O. Box 45, Santa Monica, CA 90406
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